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Desktop Airplane Models in 1/100 scale

100aero is a new brand for desktop airplane models manufactured with high quality and accuracy. Under this brand will be produced models of modern and classic airliners in one single scale 1/100. How to buy a model

Features of 100aero models:

  • All models are made in a flight state without a chassis;
  • Modern materials - strong composite resin;
  • Wooden stand with metal foot is securely fixed to the model by screw;
  • Models are packed in a lodgment from the foam box, ensuring safe transportation.
  • 100aero Product Line

    Irkut MC-21-300 Desktop Airplane Model

    Irkut MC-21-300

    Sukhoi Superjet-100 Desktop Airplane Model

    Sukhoi Superjet-100

    Tupolev Tu-104 Desktop Airplane Model

    Tupolev Tu-104

    Tupolev Tu-154 Desktop Airplane Model

    Tupolev Tu-154

    Airbus A320 Desktop Airplane Model

    Airbus A320

    Airbus A321 Desktop Airplane Model

    Airbus A321

    Boeing 737-800 Desktop Airplane Model

    Boeing 737-800

    Antonov An-12 Desktop Airplane Model

    Antonov An-12

    How to Buy

    Currently desktop models produced under 100aero brand can only be bought through the eBay.

    About Us

    100aero is a new brand, created in 2017 by a professional manufacturer in Russia. Under this brand will be producing high-quality airplane models only in one single scale 1/100.

    Contact Us:

    Facebook: 100aero Official Page