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Desktop Airplane Models in 1/100 scale

100aero is a new brand for desktop airplane models manufactured with high quality and accuracy. Under this brand will be produced models of modern and classic airliners in one single scale 1/100. How to buy a model

Features of 100aero models:

  • All models are made in a flight state without a chassis;
  • Modern materials - strong composite resin;
  • Wooden stand with metal foot is securely fixed to the model by screw;
  • Models are packed in a lodgment from the foam box, ensuring safe transportation.
  • 100aero Product Line

    Sukhoi Superjet-100 Desktop Airplane Model

    Sukhoi Superjet-100

    Tupolev Tu-104 Desktop Airplane Model

    Tupolev Tu-104

    How to Buy

    Currently desktop models produced under 100aero brand can only be bought through the eBay, as well as in the Russian online store Miniliner.

    About Us

    100aero is a new brand, created in 2017 by a professional manufacturer in Russia. Under this brand will be producing high-quality airplane models only in one single scale 1/100.

    Contact Us:

    Facebook: 100aero Official Page